Necropolis defense is one of the latest free game featured on our website. Necropolis defense is a real-time strategy game with lots of upgrades, spells, curses, powers etc.

In this review, I want to talk  more about  spells, units, how these assist you succeed and how you should apply them.

First I’m going to speak about your soldiers and I will describe all of them. Let’s start  with the cheapest units:

The Ghouls – a ghoul costs 120, type – melee ,hit points 270 , very helpful in the first days and one to one dispute.

The Dark acolytea: costs 160, type – range, hit points 140, very useful  on long distance fight .

The Dark knighta: costs 240, type – melee, area effect, hit points 1200, very useful  after day 10, when the latest free game is getting  tougher.

After the above little review about troops , I’m going to talk  about spells and powers of this latest free game:

I will begin with the first spells you can unlock: you start  the latest free online game game with the Shockwave – it creates a explosion, a little blast , no damage at all. After you obtain some experience points you, can open the Poison bolt. It deals damage between 20-40, the poison duration is 3.3 sec and the stun lasts 1.3 sec. Also the cooldown lasts 10 sec.

Another useful  spell you can unlock is the Fireball.The damage for this one is 80-120, the stun lasts 1,3 sec and the cooldown lasts 19 sec.

Next I want to reveal that are 2 ramifications for spells, one after the Poison bolt ,and the other after the Fireball, after you increase this two, new powers are going to be available . I will talk  next about the Poison bolt side: when Poison bolt is level 3 the Curse spell is available . This Curse weakens the  opponent troops  with a % of 45, its duration  is 7 sec and the cooldown is 18.5 sec.

This part you also got the Regeneration spell – it treats your soldiers for 10 sec. It recover 9HP/sec  and its cooldown is 19 sec.

The last one on this side  is Madness and you can unlock it after the Curse spell reaches level 2 – it drives enemy  soldiers crazy  for 20 sec and its cooldown is 38 sec.

On the other section ,under the Fireball spell, after you got  it to level 2, the Ray of destruction is going to be accessible.Now, this Ray of destruction is one of my most liked, and if you are going to obtain it you are going to see why.First of all, it deals a lot of damage: 63-130, than the stun lasts 1,5 sec. Its cooldown lasts16 sec. When you got this power to level 2 , a new one is obtainable: the Armagedon blast – without any doubt  the top power. I absolutely love  this one. It deals 300-500 damage, the stun lasts 2,6 sec and the cooldown lasts 26 sec.

A great hint here: on days like 22, when you are heavily  outnumbered, use  the Armagedon blast. Try to get it to a advanced level, even if you need to drop  your other power levels. Why to get it on a superior level? Well, because  it’s going to regenerate  sooner, and you can use  it many times.

I want to say to you that the aforementioned aspects for damage, stun , cooldown are for level 1. After you upgrade  them, everything is going to rise.

Have fun descovering all the powers and spells in this latest free game.

You can play this great free online game following this link: Necropolis Defense.

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