Necropolis defense is one of the new online game featured on our website.Necropolis defense is a strategy game with a lot of upgrades,spells,curse, powers etc.

I find the game very addictive and complex and that’s why I decided to write  a review about it, together with some  indications for those who might find it too tough.

First I want to discuss about the campaign mode. If you are playing the latest free online game for first time that’s the ideal mode  to play. Once you start  the latest free game, your main purpose is to contend the Necropolis fortress for 30 days. On each day you are obtaining gold and skill points which help you improve spells, powers , troops  etc.

During the day, troops  are going to be respawned so, if you lost some soldiers, don’t worry. Other  units are going  to respawn.

Very essential hint: use the hotkeys as it makes the game a lot simpler. As you are going to notice, there is a hotkey for anything. For example: spells and powers are on keys 1,2,3,4 – and by pressing on a spell you can change it with another one; for respawning the  Units you can use Q,W,E,R keys .The same keys are also going to help  you select  the fight type of your  units, if you press the A key before pressing them: by pressing Q  the  soldiers  are going to attack  the nearest   opponent, by pressing W –troops are going to hold  the locations etc.

In the first days, the latest  free game is quite easy . With a few  ghouls,poison bolt and fireball spells, you can easily  finish the day.The new free game is becoming difficult after day 10. Now is the time when you really need to upgrade  your soldiers. A good hint: unlock as many soldiers as you can. Dark acolyte and Death knight – they are really helpful! If, in first days ,it was simple to defend  the Necropolis fortress only with ghouls, now you can’t do it without the soldiers I talked about.

There are many methods to defend  your goal that may work, but i’m going to reveal to you the one that was a success for me:as I already said , in first days I did my goal with a few ghoul’s and some powers.Later in the game, I started  to improve the troops , so I unlocked Dark acolyte, Death knight and Lich, one by one, throughthe days. I also improved the main  spells and powers: the fireball, poison bolt, curse.

In the 20th day, it becomes  really  hard , your units are getting seriously outnumbered. Here, it’s crucial for you to improve your defensive units , I recommend  at least level 4. During the latest  free online game, you also unlock some new powers like: Regeneration- it restore  HP for your troops , Curse – it weakenes the enemy  troops, Ray of destruction – makes  a lot damage and is a vital  power, Armagedon blast – creates a large blast .

I want to talk  now regarding each of the units . I’m going to start  with primary class ,the ghouls: they use just melee, are extremely effective in one/one action. The Dark acolytes: they are rangers and of course they are efficient  from distance. The Death knights – and the best one in my opinion, they also use melee as ghouls, but death knight deals more damage (a lot more damage)The problem is they are very expensive :if ghouls cost 120 each, the death knights cost 220 each. And the last ones :the Liches – are greater than the Dark acolytes,they cost more, but they also deal a lot more damage.

I am not going to tell  more about them because you may also want to discover the newest online game for yourself.

An important hint: in days close to 22-23,try to buy as many death knights and liches as you can, simply because they deal more damage than the ghouls. And don’t forget about the Dark acolytes considering that these troops are also extremely helpful.

I hope this review is going to help you destroy as many enemy  units  as possible and defend  Necropolis.

Have fun protecting the fortress and destroying  lots of  opponent troops .

You can play this great free online game following this link: Necropolis Defense.
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