Epic War is one of the newest game shown on our website. Epic war is a fighting  game with many  characters and a lot of upgrades for each one. I find the game very interesting  and addictive and that’s why I made the decision to compose a review about it, together with a few hints  for those who might find it too difficult .

In this review I want to speak more about heroes and hotkeys.

First of all I want to tell  you that you can choose between 3 characters  and I will discuss a little bit about all of them: – the first one is Viegraf the Red he is a good swift – moving commander on the battlefield with a preventive, powerful playstyle. His shield spell and Wall summoning will support your soldiers in hit and run attacks and retreats.

– the Second hero is Queen Etherica: She is a queen that watches from behind and attacks  with a damaging aerial lunge. Her Reggen spell and Altar summoning will releave your units  with realiable recovering.

-The last one is Skull Knight: The lone Skull Knight inspires terror  in both his allies and enemies . His rage spell and Fortress summoning will support  your units for offensive attacks and sieges.

Its up to you to consider with wich one are you going  to start this new free game, but I would like to tell  you wich one is my preferred and why, I like to play an offensive game and that’s why I chose to play with the Skull Knight.It’s the best character  for my style.

Next I want  to unravel some hints  that make the newest free game a lot simpler.

Very important hint: use the hotkeys, it makes  everything simpler, also the hotkeys are very essential for game sense. I will continue by saying to you some of the necessary hotkeys:

C : select all troops except the hero

V : select all units

ESC : deselect the troops

X : order you troops to progress forward

Z : order your troops to retreat

Left arrow and right arrow: they move your screen to left side and right side.

These are the most important  keys, more of them are accessible and you will discover  them during the game.

As any other game, this free online game is getting  harder  during the levels. After you finish a level , you get some experience points, with experience points you can increase your units capabilities . Also, you can unlock  new units that are very useful in next stages .

As I already claimed in this review, I will speak more about the Hero, and I want  to inform you that you can increase his capabilities  by buying  upgrades and accessories . After the level  is complete , you can go to skill and accessory options. Here you can upgrade  your hero with some new powers  and tools.

Regarding the tools, in first levels  you can buy the Cooper sword: – it raises  the damage with 5% .

On the other side, and that is a very good hint, buy the First Aid. In first stages  it’s not so essential, but later in the new free game is extremely  essential to heal your hero and soldiers during this latest online game. Without it the game is incredibly hard .

Another very significant hint: Keep healing your hero through the fight .

I want to talk now about capabilities and accessories . I will begin with skills. You have some skills  that help your hero to regenerate health during the battle (First aid) and you also possess some abilities that increase his performance in battle (Attack +50 etc.), but the best one (in my opinion) and also the most expensive one, is doing both(both healing and attack improvement). The name of the option is Castle Defense.

I’m not going to reveal to you more about them because you may also wish to discover the latest  free game for yourself.

Have fun discovering more about tools and abilities and destroying  as many demons as you can.

You can play this great free online game following this link: EPIC WAR.
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